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Paparazzi Pandemonium

Covering all the gossip in the world of celebrity and scandal. Twice each morning at 6:20am & 8:20am

Trending Now

Covering what's hot from that day & the night before at 6:50am


Who's Celebrating A Birthday & What Celeb's do they share it with? Weekdays at 7:10am

Boob-Tube Preview

Get the inside scoop on your favorite TV shows, and find out what's in store that night every morning at 8:50am

Weekend Rewind

Get caught up with what happened over the weekend 7:25am Monday

Confession Tuesday

Local Life-Coach Rebeccah Silence answers your questions about the drama in your life every Tuesday starting at 7:25am

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Banna's Random Facts

Banna Google's random info, here's her shot at sharing it with you! You never know what you'll learn Wednesdays at 7:25am

Thow Back Thurday

Most people do it on Instagram & Facebook, we do it with music all morning on Thursday! 

Creeper Free Friday

Start the weekend sharing all of the creeper stories that have happened to you! Share you story by e-mail

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