Born and raised in Central New York, I went to Holland Patent High School (with Big Poppa), graduated from HCCC and Utica College.

After working as an intern and overnight DJ for WOUR, I made the transition to promotions director and web dude for a bunch of radio stations including KISS-FM.  I spent 12 years working in the radio business fulltime before taking a job at Herkimer County Community College in the Admissions Office in April 07. In March 2011, I took a gig closer to home at MVCC, where I still work today.  I am fortunate enough to still find some time to have fun on the air.

Some people wonder where the name Kenny The Promo Guy came from. One of my former Program Director's, the late Stew Schantz, was at one of the Survivor Island events we created and someone asked him what to call me on the air.  He said Kenny The Promo Guy and from there it stuck.   Not the story I am sure you were expecting lol.

If you want to know anything else just shoot me an email or visit me on

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