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Weekdays from 2p-6pm.



Every day at 4pm it's the Flashback @4...20 minutes of your favorite Old School & Throwback hits


Then at 5pm it's 5 O'Clock Freedom...your requests on the ride home

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You can hit me up on the studio line at 315-733-KISS (5477)
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I was BORN & RAISED in Utica. Upon graduating from Utica Senior Academy I left CNY to attend Middle Tennessee State University to major in Radio/Television Communications in hopes of pursuing my dream of becoming a Sports Broadcaster (um, yeah, that didn’t really happen though). While in school I was very much into all aspects of media on campus. As a matter of fact, my senior year all of my friends dubbed me “Media Whore.” Why? Well, I was a Sports Anchor on the college television newscast on MTTV. I was also on a few of the other students television shows including, Ballistic Television, which was & may still be the most popular show ever on student run television in Middle Tennessee. I was also a columnist for the MTSU Newspaper, The Sidelines, where I wrote a bi-weekly hip-hop column. And finally, there’s my venture into radio. In March of 1998 a friend of mine asked me if I could cover his radio show for him on the college run radio station, WMTS. Well, I think it’s safe to say, he never really got that radio show back again. I was known back then as Sean Mo’e. I ended up hooking up with a couple of friends, Monty Burns and Nappy Wilson the Ill Son, and the 3 of us formed, S.N.M., which simply stood for Sean, Nappy & Mont. You can even check out our old website from the show. Mont & I did all of the talking & Nappy spun all the records. It was an awesome combination. Before we knew it we had the hottest show on the station, and we were being asked to host everything around town, from benefit shows to hip-hop concerts featuring acts csuch as Scarface, Bone Thugs N Harmony, & S.W.V. to name a few. It was an awesome ride. But all good things must come to an end. But after I graduated I got a short lived fill-in DJ spot on the only hip-hop radio station in Nashville at the time, WQQK. Upon leaving Nashville, I returned to Central New York for my family. Then one day I hooked up with the guys from Kiss…and the rest as the say is HISTORY. Now I’m having the time of my life hosting the hottest club show on the radio and hanging out at the hottest clubs in the area. I hope to see you out some time…because if you haven’t heard yet, there’s NOTHING quite like a Kiss FM Party!!!